Congratulations to Pentor for winning the 2015 HackAbout!
Let's HackAbout until we find solutions.
Muslim communities have the talent, creativity, resources, and passion to help address challenges that concern all Australians, including countering violent extremism. That's why we created the CVE HackAbout.

Convene talent

Imagine solutions

Prototype & test

Deploy & iterate

The CVE HackAbout involves young people, industry representatives, and knowledge experts in a fast-paced competition to develop solutions to both violent extremism and anti-Muslim sentiment. It is a platform to empower communities so that they are initiating solutions to extremism rather than having solutions imposed from the outside. Although government supports this effort, it does not have a role in designing the prototypes that emerge from the HackAbout, nor is it involved in the judging process.

Australian Muslim communities are committed to the fight against violent extremism, and the HackAbout is a sign of that commitment. We must also help Australian Muslim communities by making them feel safe and included as an important part of Australian society.
Summary of day three, June 12, 2015.
Presentation day! Each team worked on their presentations, and practiced their pitches many times in front of mentors and each other, all the way up to the final judging session. We live streamed the event to a global audience, and people from all over the world voted on the winning ideas, with the mentor matching app Pentor taking the grand prize!

Summary of day two, June 11, 2015.
Today the teams developed their prototypes and tested them with groups of youth from Melbourne and Perth who represent target markets for these initiatives. By the end of the day, each team had a solid concept that they could demonstrate for end users, and all that is left is to refine their pitch for the global audience that will be watching tomorrow.

Summary of day one, June 10, 2015.
Today was all about ideation - four teams took dozens of preliminary ideas for projects and campaigns addressing extremism and anti-Muslim prejudice and narrowed them down to actionable ideas that they will turn into prototypes in Day 2.

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