About the HackAbout.
Violent extremist groups, such as the self-declared Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), are waging a sophisticated online campaign to recruit and radicalize, leveraging the full range of social media and digital technologies to reach audiences, including in Australia.

Anti-Muslim groups and rhetoric play into the hands of violent extremists, who want Muslims in Australia to feel as though they are rejected and oppressed by the majority non-Muslim society. Extremists prey upon the anger, alienation, and sense of disempowerment engendered by discrimination and anti-Muslim sentiment, using these as fodder for recruitment and radicalization.

People who care deeply about Australia have come together to design a brand and supporting communications campaign that simultaneously combats violent extremism and anti-Muslim sentiment.

The result is the CVE HackAbout - a fast-paced, intensive competition to generate an actionable project idea and plan, with the intention of securing resources and stakeholder partners to make it a reality. While hackathons often are associated with for-profit business ideas, they can be used as a focused method for generating social impact prototypes.